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MON 5.6 - Macula Dog, Cabo Boing, Euglossine, Ironing, Frog - 9pm


Action Research #198:

Macula Dog
(Queens, NY)
("Macula Dog Is the Cross Between Devo and 'Pee-wee’s Playhouse' You’ve Been Searching For" --Tim Scott, Noisey)

Cabo Boing
("Like Mark Mothersbaugh’s electro-contortions or Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs-era surrealism or any of his many labelmates on the New York cassette imprint Haord, he has a keen ability to make music that’s both parasitically catchy and wholly unfamiliar." --Colin Joyce, Pitchfork)

("Euglossine bridges the complex harmonies of jazz fusion, the ornate synth performances of library music, and the rapidly evolving sentimental resonances of video game music. While Coriolis paints Euglossine as a scholar who has pored over the diverse branches of 20th century progressive composition, the reality of his playing cuts through preconceptions of elitism or excess typically attributed to these musical traditions — perfecting the sense of raw beauty and wonder that lodge our favorite tunes in our long-term memories.")

("Florida's J. Dilla meets Otomo Yoshihide + his own thing" --Kenny Millions. Best believe I wrote that one down so I wouldn't forget.)

("bizarro maestro" --Andrew Chadwick)

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Monday, May 6, 2019
The Atlantic
15 N. Main St.
Gainesville, FL


$6 please. Your support is appreciated!


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Action Research is a series of experimental/ noise/ electronic/ underground shows established in Gainesville, FL in June 2007.